If you’re looking for great dining options, look at these 9 restaurants at VivoCity. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the 9 must-visit restaurants at VivoCity that promise fantastic food experiences.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, these dining spots offer a diverse range of cuisines to satisfy every palate.

VivoCity is a haven for food enthusiasts, and we’re here to help you navigate this culinary paradise. Our recommendations aim to provide you with practical insights into what each restaurant has to offer. 

So, if you’re wondering where to enjoy a memorable meal at VivoCity, this page is your trusted guide. 

From international flavours to local delights, these restaurants offer a variety of tastes and preferences. Join us on a delectable journey through these 9 restaurants at VivoCity, and let your taste buds explore the culinary wonders it has to offer.

This article was last updated on 3rd November 2023

Most Popular Korean Restaurants At VivoCity – Bornga

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Image Credit: Official Facebook Page Of Bornga

Bornga, a creation by the esteemed Chef Jong Won Paik, stands as a beloved culinary icon in Korea. Renowned for its exceptional offerings, generous portions, and wallet-friendly prices, it has become a household favourite. 

Today, it proudly holds the title of the world’s largest chain of Korean BBQ restaurants, with over 50 locations spanning across Korea, China, USA, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and Vietnam. 

Are you craving Korean BBQ? You’re in for a treat any day of the week! So why not brighten your Monday with the delectable flavours of KBBQ at Bornga? Serving you the original taste of Korea, it’s the perfect remedy for those Monday blues.

German Restaurant At VivoCity – Brotzeit 

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Image Credit: Official Facebook Page Of Brotzeit

Brotzeit is more than just a restaurant; it’s a cultural experience wrapped in a typical German expression. The name, a blend of “Brot” (German for bread) and “Zeit” (meaning time), encapsulates the essence of enjoying a comforting meal with a side of fresh beer. 

Founded in 2006, Brotzeit® German Restaurant and Bar is a locally rooted gem, offering a contemporary and laid-back setting to relish authentic German cuisine and premium German beers right at VivoCity. 

While you’re here, don’t miss the chance to savour their famous crispy oven-roasted pork knuckle and exclusive sausages. Pair these delectable dishes with top-notch German beer and the breathtaking views of VivoCity’s waterfront. 

And the star of the show? Their beloved Signature Brotzeit Platter! Served at the perfect temperature, this delectable spread is bound to please any crowd. So, gather your squad (4-6 people), and let’s dig in for an unforgettable dining experience! 

Hans Im Gluck

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Image Credit: Official Facebook Page Of Hans Im Gluck 

Hans Im Gluck takes the ordinary burger and transforms it into an extraordinary, never-boring, and culinary delight. They believe in offering a burger experience that’s not only delicious but also healthy and nutritious, with something special for everyone. 

As you step into their forest-themed Burgergrill, their goal is for you to relax, whether you’re with family friends, on a business outing, enjoying a romantic evening, or simply seeking some personal time. 

To create the perfect ambience, they’ve paid careful attention to interior design, lighting, and music. The result? A feel-good atmosphere that enhances your dining pleasure. 

Indulge in their fresh and juicy beef burgers, carefully crafted from a wide selection of gourmet burger goodness that only Hans Im Gluck can provide. 

Marché Mövenpick

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Image Credit: Official Facebook Page Of Marché Mövenpick

Experience the culinary charm of Europe at one of the most popular family-friendly restaurants in VivoCity, where you’ll be transported to a traditional Swiss village.

Their menu is a tantalizing journey through Europe, offering dishes like traditional Swiss rösti, Spanish paella, German pork knuckle, French crepes, Italian pasta, wood-fired pizzas, homemade soups, garden-fresh salads, and made-to-order Caesar salads. 

Savour quality meat from the apple-wood grill and the freshest market seafood, all prepared right before your eyes. Let your senses be tantalized as you witness, smell, and feel the non-stop, fresh cooking happening right in front of you.

And when it comes to their rösti, you won’t be able to resist ordering two. These hand-shredded and pan-fried potato delights are perfection with their golden-brown crispy exterior and fluffy interior. 

Watch their talented chefs craft these mouthwatering röstis while your taste buds tingle with anticipation. Trust us, it’s THAT irresistible. The allure of European cuisine awaits you at this unique dining spot among the restaurants at VivoCity.

Seafood Paradise

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Image Credit: Official Facebook Page Of Seafood Paradise

Seafood Paradise, born from a modest hawker stall at Defu Lane, holds a special place in the heart of Paradise Group. 

It was the pioneering restaurant that laid the foundation for the group’s impressive growth, which now includes 12 distinct culinary concepts. 

Seafood Paradise embodies the fusion of live seafood, local cuisine, and innovation, resulting in a dining experience that truly celebrates Singaporean identity.

A feast at Seafood Paradise wouldn’t be complete without indulging in their iconic creations, such as the Signature Creamy Butter Crab, the beloved Singapore Chilli Crab and the tempting Deep-fried Cheese Bacon Roll. 

For lunch, explore a delightful array of H.K. style dim sum offerings. When dining at Seafood Paradise, among the restaurants at VivoCity, you’re in for a culinary adventure that seamlessly blends tradition and innovation in every mouthwatering bite.

Spanish Restaurant At VivoCity – Tapas Club

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Image Credit: Official Facebook Page Of Tapas Club

Tapas Club brings the original flavours of Spain to your plate. Led by Executive Chef Jose Angel Alonso and one-star Michelin Chef Manuel Berganza, this culinary haven presents a delightful fusion of classic Spanish tastes and creative innovation. 

Every dish at Tapas Club showcases the richness of Spanish flavours, prepared with locally sourced, fresh ingredients and select items imported directly from Spain.

Their menu reflects the genuine Spanish dining experience found across the nation. Indulge in the sumptuous Spanish Omelette, a hearty creation brimming with layers of potatoes, eggs, and a medley of seasonings. 

It’s a true delight for your taste buds, capturing the essence of traditional Spanish cuisine. Feasting at Tapas Club, one of the best restaurants at VivoCity, is like taking a gastronomic expedition to the core of Spain’s rich culinary scene, right in the comfort of Singapore.

Thai Restaurant At VivoCity – Thai Accent

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Image Credit: Official Facebook Page Of Thai Accent

Thai Accent, a gem among our list of top restaurants at VivoCity, is a delightful blend of warm Thai hospitality and a stylish, funky vibe. With its retro and clean ambience, this iconic restaurant promises an unforgettable dining experience.

Prepare your taste buds for an exciting journey with their Tom Yam seafood soup, infused with lemongrass and spices that leave a tantalizing tingle. 

For an authentic Thai culinary adventure, the Green Curry is a must-try, featuring a homemade fragrant curry paste artfully blended with herbs and a touch of coconut cream, accompanied by your choice of chicken or prawn.

One of their signature dishes, the steamed seabass with lime, garlic, and chilli sauce, is a sublime explosion of flavours. It beautifully combines the sweetness of the fish with the zesty and spicy accompaniments of chilli, lime, garlic, and aromatic herbs.

Dancing Crab

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Image Credit: Official Facebook Page Of Dancing Crab

Dancing Crab offers a dining experience that’s truly unparalleled. With a focus on fresh seafood, vibrant music, a well-stocked cocktail and whiskey bar, and much more, it’s an enticing culinary adventure. 

As part of the esteemed TungLok Group, one of Singapore’s oldest seafood restaurant leaders, Dancing Crab maintains the same high standards in sourcing their shellfish, featuring an array from Boston lobster to dungeness crab.

One standout dish that surprises and delights is the Poached Rice in Lobster Bisque, served with Fried Fish Fillet. It’s more than your typical profane; it boasts a risotto-like Asian twist. 

The lobster bisque is a masterpiece, rich yet not overly heavy, even after mixing in the poached egg. It also includes small bits of ladyfinger, corn, and cabbage, adding a delightful crunchy texture. 

The fried fish remains fleshy and crispy, even after some time. It’s a dish that’s perfect for sharing. Dancing Crab stands out among the restaurants at VivoCity, offering a seafood dining experience that perfectly blends deliciousness with a dash of fun.

Wine Connection

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Image Credit: Official Facebook Page Of Wine Connection

Wine Connection, the premier chain of wine shops and wine-themed restaurants in Southeast Asia, has been a dedicated connoisseur of wines since its establishment in 1998, accumulating over 18 years of expertise in the field.

At Wine Connection, indulge in the flavours of their German Sausage Platter, featuring delights like Chicken Snail Sausage, Weisswurst, Nürnberger, and Bratwurst, all expertly served with sauerkraut and beer gravy. 

For the perfect pairing, don’t miss the opportunity to savour this platter alongside a glass of Selbach Pinot Noir “Spätburgunder.” Among the restaurants at VivoCity, Wine Connection serves up a joyous celebration of palate-pleasing wines and sumptuous meals.


In a bustling city like Singapore, dining out is not just about satisfying your hunger; it’s an experience that brings together the joy of good food and the pleasure of shared moments. 

At VivoCity, the diverse array of restaurants offers an amazing culinary journey that caters to every palate. From international cuisines to local flavours, you can explore a world of taste in one place. 

The welcoming ambience, excellent service, and delicious food make these restaurants at VivoCity a delightful destination for families, friends, and food enthusiasts. 

Now, I’m curious to hear from you – have you had the chance to try any of these restaurants before? Your feedback can be valuable not only to us but to fellow diners looking for their next great meal. So, please share your dining adventures and recommendations!

The featured images used in the article are adapted from the official Facebook Pages of HANS IM GLÜCK, Marché Mövenpick, Seafood Paradise and Wine Connection.

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