If you’re hunting for the best halal food in Orchard Road, you’re in for a treat! Orchard Road isn’t just famous for its bustling shopping scene but also a hidden gem for delicious halal cuisine. 

Whether you’re visiting Singapore for a business trip, enjoying a holiday, or a local resident craving some good halal food, our blog is your perfect guide. We’ve explored and handpicked the top places where you can enjoy a variety of flavours.

Our mission is to make your search for great halal food as simple and enjoyable as possible. From mouthwatering main courses to delightful desserts, there’s a wide selection waiting for you. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a lavish meal, we’ve got you covered.

Keep reading our blog for insider tips and recommendations that will lead you to some of the best halal food in Orchard Road. Let’s embark on this flavorful journey together!

The information in this article was most recently revised on January 30, 2024.

Ichikokudo Hokkaido Ramen

halal food in orchard road

Image Credit: Official Facebook Page Of Ichikokudo Hokkaido Ramen

If you’re always looking for delicious halal food in Orchard Road, you’re in for a treat with Ichikokudo Hokkaido Ramen. This new spot is a must-try for anyone who loves ramen and wants halal options in Singapore.

What makes Ichikokudo Hokkaido Ramen stand out? They put a lot of care into their soup. Every day, they spend hours slowly cooking chicken bones to make a soup that’s rich and full of flavour.

But the real secret is in the finishing touch – a blend of bonito and mackerel mixed with 100% Hokkaido kelp. This combination adds a subtle, delicious taste that’s unique to this place.

The noodles are another highlight. They use a special flour blend, including wheat from Hokkaido, which gives the noodles a rich texture and a firmness that’s just right. These noodles are perfect for soaking up the tasty soup.

And to top it all off, they add a good amount of Aosa seaweed. This isn’t just for looks; it brings the smell and taste of the Hokkaido to your bowl, making the whole experience more authentic.

So, for anyone looking for halal food in Orchard Road, especially if you love ramen, Ichikokudo Hokkaido Ramen is a place you should check out. Be one of the first to experience the unique flavours they have to offer!

313 Orchard Rd, #B3-35/36, Singapore 238895
Monday To Sunday: 11 am – 10 pm

Poulet + Brasserie

halal food in orchard road

Image Credit: Official Facebook Page Of Poulet + Brasserie

Poulet + Brasserie is a fantastic place for anyone looking for the best halal food in Orchard Road and craving French cuisine, especially roast chicken. Poulet is all about serving Amazing French Roast Chicken that’s delicious and cooked with great care and passion.

The secret behind Poulet’s delicious chicken is its fresh ingredients and the classic way they roast it. They’re experts at making tender and juicy chicken – it’s so good that once you try it, you’ll want to return for more. And there’s not just one way to enjoy this chicken; they offer four tasty sauces, adding even more flavour to your meal.

So if you’re around Orchard Road and looking for some good halal food, Poulet + Brasserie is a great choice. Whether you’re in the mood for an appetizer, some sides, or a mouthwatering dessert to finish off your meal, Poulet has something special waiting for you.

Get ready for some Amazing French Roast Chicken and a memorable dining experience!

2 Orchard Turn, #B3-21 ION Orchard, Singapore 238801
Monday to Sunday: 11.30 am – 10 pm

Cajun On Wheels

halal food in orchard road

Image Credit: Official Facebook Page Of  Cajun On Wheels

Positioned as the top choice for halal food in Orchard Road, Cajun on Wheels proudly takes place as Orchard Road’s premier seafood restaurant, known for its family-friendly atmosphere and halal certification. 

This isn’t your ordinary seafood restaurant; Cajun on Wheels offers a culinary adventure featuring classic seafood buckets and an assortment of authentic Asian charcoal-grilled seafood delights such as crab, squid, seabass, grouper, prawns, and crayfish.

What sets Cajun on Wheels apart is its extraordinary culinary heritage. The Cajun cuisine served here isn’t just influenced by American traditions from Louisiana; it’s a rich tapestry woven with French, Spanish, African, and Native American flavours. This diversity in taste and preparation methods makes every dish a celebration of global culinary artistry.

For those seeking exceptional halal food in Orchard Road, Cajun on Wheels is a destination that offers more than just a meal; it offers an experience – a journey through a world of flavours, each plate a testament to the rich cultural tapestry that defines Cajun cuisine. 

68 Orchard Rd, Plaza Singapura, #03-92, 238839
Monday to Sunday: 11 am – 10 pm

Authentic Halal Food In Orchard Road – Mrs Hen

halal food in orchard road

Image Credit: Official Facebook Page Of Mrs Hen

Step into the world of vibrant flavours and fiery delights at Mrs. Hen, a casual dining spot making waves with its bold red storefront and an adorable chicken mascot that promises a clucking good time. 

This Halal-certified Indonesian eatery, nestled in the heart of Far East Plaza, is your go-to destination for authentic Indonesian halal food, especially if you’re in the mood for some heat!

At the heart of Mrs. Hen’s menu is the Ayam Geprek, a dish that’s as fun to eat as it is to say. This isn’t your ordinary fried chicken. Each piece is a crispy, golden marvel, battered and perfectly fried. 

But the magic happens when the chicken meets the sambal – a hot and spicy sauce that’s rich with flavours. ‘Geprek’, a Javanese term, means ‘crushed’ or ‘smashed’, which is exactly what happens to the chicken. It’s smashed to allow all that spicy, garlicky, and utterly delicious sambal to seep into every nook and cranny.

If you’re a spice enthusiast or just looking to dip your toes into Indonesian cuisine, Mrs. Hen is your spot for some of the best authentic halal food in Orchard Road. Get ready to crush your cravings with the spicy, juicy goodness of Ayam Geprek, and let Mrs. Hen show you just how exciting halal food can be!

Far East Plaza, Scotts Rd, #02-58, 228213
Monday to Sunday: 11.30 am – 8.30 pm

The Dim Sum Place

halal food in orchard road

Image Credit: Official Facebook Page Of The Dim Sum Place

The Dim Sum Place has been revolutionizing the halal dining scene in Singapore since its first outlet opened in 2016 along North Bridge Road.

Known for its Halal casual dining experience, it offers a delightful range of Hong Kong-style dim sum and authentic Cantonese cuisines, with some dishes even boasting a local twist. What sets them apart is their dedication to authenticity; their dim sum is not just homemade, it’s a culinary craft.

Following the success of its first location, The Dim Sum Place expanded, opening a second outlet at Changi City Point in 2021 and a third at The Centrepoint in November 2022. 

Their mission is clear: to bring The Dim Sum Place closer to everyone. This commitment to accessibility and quality has made them a cherished name.

Their vision goes beyond simply serving food. They aim to be the preferred dining spot for diverse community members, particularly the Chinese and Muslim ethnic groups. The Dim Sum Place promises a wide selection and an appealing menu, all made with the freshest and finest ingredients.

176 Orchard Rd, #B1 – 07 The Centrepoint, Singapore 238843
Monday to Sunday: 10.30 am – 9.30 pm

Authentic Halal Food In Orchard Road – Tambuah Mas

halal food in orchard road

Image Credit: Official Facebook Page Of Tambuah Mas

Tambuah Mas has been a beloved name in the Singapore food scene since 1981, earning a cherished reputation for dishing out heartwarming traditional Indonesian Homestyle Cuisine from regions like Padang, Sulawesi, and Java.

This esteemed eatery stands as one of the oldest Indonesian restaurants in Singapore, offering a culinary journey through Indonesia’s rich flavours and traditions.

The secret behind Tambuah Mas’ enduring popularity lies in its signature dishes, all rooted in treasured family recipes passed down through generations. The unique taste of each dish springs from a meticulous blend of herbs and spices, fresh ingredients, and keen attention to detail in preparation.

Led by native Indonesian chefs, Tambuah Mas promises an authentic dining experience. The dishes here are not just meals; they’re a celebration of Indonesia’s culinary heritage. This authenticity has captured the hearts of both locals and tourists, making Tambuah Mas a go-to spot for anyone craving genuine Indonesian flavours.

Tambuah Mas stands out as a culinary gem for those seeking halal food in Orchard Road. Here, you can embark on a flavourful journey, savouring dishes that are not just cooked, but crafted with passion and precision. 

290 Orchard Rd, #B1 – 44, Singapore 238859
Monday to Sunday: 11 am–10 pm

Family Friendly Halal Food In Orchard Road – SoPho

halal food in orchard road

Image Credit: Official Facebook Page Of SoPho

Dive into the vibrant and tantalizing world of Vietnamese cuisine right here in Singapore at So Pho, a gem of a restaurant that’s bringing the true essence of Vietnam to your plate.

For those searching for authentic halal food in Orchard Road, So Pho is a destination you can’t miss. It’s not just about the food; it’s an entire Vietnamese experience wrapped in the warmth of Singapore.

So Pho takes pride in serving the finest Pho, Banh Mi, Summer/Spring rolls, Bento sets, and many more mouthwatering dishes. Each meal is a testament to the freshness and authenticity that Vietnamese cuisine is famed for. They’re committed to using only the freshest ingredients, ensuring every dish bursts with the authentic flavours of Vietnam.

Whether you’re a fan of the delicate, aromatic Pho or the crisp, flavorful Banh Mi, So Pho has something to satisfy every palate. It’s a haven for those looking for the best halal food in Orchard Road, offering a healthful and delicious option for anyone looking to explore the rich tapestry of Vietnamese cuisine.

290 Orchard Rd, #B1-20, Singapore 238859
Monday to Sunday: 10 am–10 pm

Monster Planet

halal food in orchard road

Image Credit: Official Facebook Page Of Monster Planet

With a mission to cater to the Muslim community’s growing appetite for this cuisine, Monster Planet is a thrilling new addition to the halal food scene in Orchard Road.

It’s a sister restaurant to Monster Curry, and together, they’re the only places in Singapore where you can savour Japanese demi-glace curry crafted from a unique blend of 14 different vegetables and spices.

The curry at Monster Planet is something special. It’s a smooth, aromatic delight achieved after two days of meticulous cooking. This process ensures that every spoonful is rich in flavour and depth, setting their curry apart from any other you might have tried.

But it’s not just the taste that’s ‘monster’ about Monster Planet – it’s the size too! Their curry rice is served on gigantic plates measuring 35cm and 41cm. These massive servings give a whole new meaning to the name ‘Monster Planet’.

So, if you’re hunting for some extraordinary halal food in Orchard Road, Monster Planet is a must-visit. Get ready to be wowed by their curry’s sheer size and exceptional taste. 

176 Orchard Rd, #01-33C/D The Centrepoint, Singapore 238843
Monday to Sunday: 11 am–10 pm

Coast & Roast, by Fish & Co.

halal food in orchard road

Image Credit: Official Facebook Page Of  Coast & Roast, by Fish & Co

Calling all Fish & Co enthusiasts! Singapore’s favourite restaurant chain has unveiled its latest creation, Coast & Roast, and you won’t want to miss it.

This new venture is an extension of the beloved Fish & Co. experience, known for its casual, family-friendly atmosphere and its unique concept of serving fresh seafood in a pan. Just like Fish & Co, Coast & Roast is a great place for anyone looking for halal food in Orchard Road.

Fish & Co. has made a name for itself with its Mediterranean-inspired way of cooking. The idea is simple but delightful: seafood is caught fresh, cooked, and served straight from the pan. Coast & Roast continues this tradition with a fresh twist.

They’re committed to using only the freshest fish and seafood. Plus, they use natural ingredients like olive oil, herbs, and spices from all over the world. This not only makes the food delicious but also healthy.

Coast & Roast by Fish & Co. promises to deliver the same great taste, generous portions, and friendly service that have made Fish & Co. a favourite.

If you’re eager to discover savoury halal food in Orchard Road, especially if you love seafood, Coast & Roast is worth trying. Get ready for a new seafood adventure with all the quality and value that Fish & Co. is known for!

290 Orchard Rd, #B1-35 / 36, Singapore 238859
Monday to Sunday: 11 am – 9.30 pm


Orchard Road stands as a culinary paradise, especially for those seeking halal food options. This bustling avenue is not just a hotspot for shopping and entertainment but also a treasure trove for diverse and delicious halal cuisine. 

From the traditional Indonesian flavors at Tambuah Mas to the unique Japanese fusion of Monster Planet, there’s a remarkable variety of halal food in Orchard Road to satisfy every palate. 

Each restaurant along this vibrant street offers more than just a meal; they provide an experience that encapsulates the rich cultural diversity of Singapore.

Whether you’re a local or a tourist, Orchard Road invites you to embark on a gastronomic journey, exploring the myriad of halal dishes that reflect the city’s multicultural essence.

Explore the Best Food in Orchard: A Sensational Culinary Adventure Awaits! The featured images used in the article are adapted from the official Facebook Pages of Mrs Hen, Poulet + Brasserie, Cajun on Wheels and Tambuah Mas.