TAI ER, a renowned Chinese restaurant chain, has made a name with its signature Chinese-style Sauerkraut Fish. With outlets at Jewel Changi Airport, JEM, and Suntec City, it’s bringing a taste of Sichuan cuisine closer to food lovers. Today, i will delve into some of the must-try dishes at TAI ER.

Since its inception in Guangzhou in 2015, TAI ER has been dedicated to showcasing Suancai & Fish, a classic dish of Sichuan cuisine. The restaurant’s mission is simple yet profound: to introduce the world to the rich and diverse flavours of Sichuan cuisine.

Sichuan cuisine holds a special place in the world of Chinese gastronomy. It’s celebrated for its fresh and mellow taste, skilful use of spices, and unique cooking techniques. It also boasts a strong local flavour that sets it apart from other culinary traditions. The Suancai & Fish, with its sour and pleasant taste, is a shining example of this cuisine and is particularly loved by young Chinese people.

In this review, we’ll explore the best dishes TAI ER offers. From the famous Suancai & Fish to other equally delightful dishes, we’ll guide you on what to order when you dine at TAI ER. Prepare yourself for a flavorful adventure that guarantees to be both thrilling and delectable.

Our team last updated this article on 22nd June 2023.

Suancai & Fish


Picture this: you’re at TAI ER, seated at a table with a bubbling Suancai & Fish in front of you. The dish is filled with chunky cabbage pieces and delicate fish slices simmering in a rich broth. The cabbage, known as Suancai, isn’t the thinly sliced German sauerkraut you might be familiar with. No, this is something different, something special.

This Suancai is prepared using an ancient Chinese method that’s over three thousand years old. Chunks of cabbage are fermented in salt, creating a sauerkraut that’s an explosion of salty and sour flavours. Tai Er has been using this method to create their Suancai & Fish for a long time, honouring this tradition.

As you take your first bite, the unique flavour of the Suancai will hit you. It’s been pickled for nearly a month, making it both refreshing and crispy. You’ll be surprised at the complexity of its flavour – it’s not just salty, it’s not just sour, it’s a harmonious combination of both.

Now, onto the fish. The fish might look like the main event, but according to TAI ER, it’s the Suancai that’s the real star of the show. The fish is tender and soft, having absorbed the flavours of the sauerkraut while it is cooked. It complements the Suancai perfectly, adding a subtle richness to the dish without overshadowing the star ingredient.

Fried Crispy Pork 


The aroma of the dish immediately wafts up to you, a tempting mix of savoury pork and the spicy kick of chilli. The light crunch when you bite into it is a pleasing contrast to the tender meat inside.

The moment the pork hits your tongue, the flavours burst forth. The exterior is salty and deeply savoury, the rich taste of the pork combining wonderfully with the thin, crispy layer that envelops it. 

Then, you reach the inside of the pork. It’s tender and juicy, melting in your mouth as the deep, savoury pork flavour unfolds. Just when you think you’ve discovered all there is to the dish, the chilli powder makes itself known. The chilli adds a sudden heat, a pleasant surprise that elevates the pork to new heights. It’s not overwhelming, but just enough to add a bit of excitement to each bite.

As you continue to enjoy the dish, you find the combination of the crispy exterior, the tender interior, and the heat from the chilli powder keeps you coming back for more. Each piece is a new exploration of flavours and textures, creating a culinary experience that’s as exciting as it is delicious.

Egg Coated Glutinous Rice with Brown Sugar


The textures dance in your mouth, offering a delightful contrast that keeps you intrigued. The perfectly cooked rice maintains a pleasant chewiness.

However, the brown sugar steals the show, as it adds a touch of sweetness that elevates the dish to new heights. The brown sugar drizzle slowly melts with each spoonful, coating the glutinous rice with a rich and velvety glaze. The sweetness is balanced, allowing the natural flavours of the rice to shine through.

The combination of Glutinous rice and brown sugar creates a harmonious symphony of flavours. Every bite offers a delightful balance of sweetness and subtle savoury notes from the glutinous rice. The flavours meld together, creating a tantalizing taste sensation that keeps you craving more.

The experience goes beyond taste, extending to the presentation of the dish. The egg-coated glutinous rice is artfully arranged, and the brown sugar drizzle cascades over it in a beautiful display. The visual appeal enhances the anticipation and heightens the overall experience.

As you savour each mouthful, you can’t help but appreciate the skill and expertise that the chefs at Tai Er Restaurant have poured into creating such a delectable dish. They have mastered the art of combining simple ingredients to craft a culinary masterpiece.


In summing up, TAI ER is a splendid addition to Singapore’s dining scene. Originating from Guangzhou, this restaurant has successfully brought the authentic flavours of Sichuan cuisine to our shores. The signature dish, Suancai & Fish, is a particular delight, capturing the essence of Sichuan’s culinary tradition, known for its fresh, mellow flavours and unique spicy kick.

The popularity of TAI ER, especially amongst the younger generation, is a testament to its ability to blend traditional tastes with modern appeal. Whether you’re a spicy food fan or prefer something milder, there’s something for everyone at TAI ER. The variety of dishes ensures that each visit offers a new gastronomic adventure.

As we’ve explored in this review, dining at TAI ER is not just about filling your stomach; it’s about experiencing a slice of Sichuan right here in Singapore. This restaurant’s dedication to providing high-quality and authentic Chinese cuisine, paired with a welcoming and cozy ambience, makes it a destination that should not be missed by those seeking an authentic culinary experience. 

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