For anyone who loves good food, fresh ingredients are key, and at Chopstix & Rice, they are the backbone of every dish. This isn’t just any ordinary eatery; it’s a place where quality takes centre stage, where each dish is crafted with the freshest produce available. 

But what truly sets Chopstix & Rice apart isn’t just their top-notch ingredients; it’s their age-old recipes, passed down through generations, that turn each meal into a culinary masterpiece.

The maestro behind these mouth-watering creations is none other than Madam Loij. Known for her lively spirit and passion in the kitchen, every dish she creates is a celebration of flavours, each one taking you on a tasty journey through Indonesia. 

Madam Loij’s dishes aren’t just food; they are reflections of her charming personality, each bite filled with warmth and love. It’s no wonder that her cooking has won the hearts of not just regular customers but celebrities as well.

Amidst the array of tantalising dishes, four stand out as the signature offerings: Ayam Goreng Belado, Beef Rendang, Sayur Lodeh, and the ever-popular Nasi Padang. Each one is a testament to Madam Loij’s dedication to delivering authentic Indonesian flavours.

Our team last updated this article on 3rd July 2023.

Ayam Lemak

Chopstix & Rice

Image Credit: Official Facebook Page Of Chopstix & Rice

Ayam Lemak, a signature dish at Chopstix & Rice, exemplifies the vibrant essence of Indonesian cuisine. This dish beautifully showcases the harmonious blend of flavours that Indonesian cooking is known for.

At the core of Ayam Lemak is tender chicken, meticulously simmered in a golden curry. The curry is a delightful fusion of aromatic spices that awaken the senses and tantalise the taste buds.

What sets this dish apart is the tantalising hints of bird’s eye chilli, kaffir lime leaf, and lemongrass that gracefully intermingle with each bite. The combination of these ingredients creates a symphony of flavours that is both bold and refreshing. 

The bird’s eye chilli adds a spicy kick, igniting the taste buds, while the kaffir lime leaf imparts a refreshing, citrusy aroma.

The fragrant lemongrass cuts through the richness of the curry, adding a unique depth of flavour. The chicken itself is tender and succulent, absorbing all the exquisite flavours of the curry, creating a truly delightful culinary experience with every bite.

Ayam Goreng Belado

Unassuming yet captivating, that’s how I would describe the Ayam Goreng Belado from Chopstix & Rice. This dish transforms a simple meal into a full-fledged, memorable experience.

It appears to be a regular fried chicken dish when you first see it. But with the first bite, it welcomes you into a world of surprises. The tender, moist, and perfectly fried chicken offers a delightful crunch. But this is just the beginning.

The real excitement comes with the belado sauce. The bright red hue hints at its fiery character. The spiciness is immediate, a bold wake-up call to the senses, yet it is managed beautifully, so it’s more warming than searing.

Suddenly, a wave of refreshing tanginess hits you. The sharpness of lime contrasts and softens the intensity of the chillies. It’s like a splash of cool water on a hot day, an unexpected and pleasing relief amidst the spiciness.

Then the spices come into play. They are subtle and not easily identifiable, but they add a sense of mystery to the dish, making each bite intriguing. They create an interesting balance, ensuring the dish is never too hot nor too tangy but just right.

What makes Ayam Goreng Belado special is the journey it takes you on. Every mouthful is a mix of familiar and new, comfort and thrill. It’s the kind of experience that keeps you coming back for more. It may look simple, but Ayam Goreng Belado is far from ordinary.

Beef Rendang

Chopstix & Rice

Image Credit: Official Facebook Page Of Chopstix & Rice

From the moment you pick up your fork, the journey begins. The tender lob-cut beef has been lovingly cooked to a melt-in-your-mouth consistency. It’s a simple joy, feeling the tender beef dissolve on your tongue, releasing its rich juices.

But then, there’s a sudden hit of spice. It’s the signature chilli paste, packed with bold, fiery flavours. But don’t be fooled, and this isn’t just about the heat. This chilli paste is complex, with layers of flavours that gradually reveal themselves as you eat.

And as you eat, the real magic of the Beef Rendang starts to happen. The dish is more than just the sum of its parts. The slow-cooked beef and the bold chilli paste come together to tell a story. A story of tradition, craftsmanship, and a love for good food.

With each bite, you’re taken on a journey. A journey that explores the richness of the beef, the boldness of the chilli paste, and the magic that happens when these two come together.

Sayur Lodeh

Chopstix & Rice

Image Credit: Official Facebook Page Of Chopstix & Rice

The first spoonful introduces you to tofu, long beans, and turnips. Each element retains its unique texture, giving you something different to savour with each bite. The tofu is soft and silky, the long beans have a nice crunch, and the turnips provide a comforting, earthy sweetness.

But the real magic happens when these elements meet the homemade paste. This paste is Madam Loij’s secret, and it’s easy to see why. It’s rich and deeply flavoured, enveloping the tofu, beans, and turnips, tying all the different elements together beautifully.

Eating the Sayur Lodeh is like going on a little adventure. Each mouthful takes you through different textures and flavours. The soft tofu, the crunchy beans, and the sweet turnips all swim in a delightful, savoury sauce. It’s a dance of flavours on your tongue that you’ll want to join over and over again.


Chopstix & Rice has gained a reputation as a culinary destination that offers an exceptional dining experience. The chef’s expertise and commitment to preserving tradition are evident in every delicious bite, evoking the vibrant streets of Indonesia.

Now, it’s your turn, dear reader. Have you had the pleasure of trying any of Chopstix & Rice’s distinctive dishes? We would love to hear about your experience and thoughts. Please share your feedback and let us know which dish left a lasting impression on you.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to indulge in the culinary wonders at Chopstix & Rice, we highly recommend immersing yourself in the world of Indonesian flavours. Each dish is a work of art that reflects the chefs’ passion and dedication. Treat yourself to an extraordinary dining adventure and discover why Chopstix & Rice is a must-visit for those who appreciate Indonesian cuisine and crave a unique gastronomic experience.

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The featured image and other images used in the article are adapted from the official Facebook Page of Chopstix & Rice.